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Alexandre Oliva aoliva@redhat.com
Fri Feb 23 21:32:00 GMT 2001

On Feb 24, 2001, Bryce McKinlay <bryce@albatross.co.nz> wrote:

> The "-3.0" is built in to the soname, which is not what we want
> because this will mean that every change in the release number
> breaks compatibility.

Which is exactly what the libtool documentation says.

> How can we make it use "libgcj.so.2" for the soname, and make a
> libgcj.so.2 -> libgcj-3.0.so symlink?

I suppose libtool could support a new command-line flag to tell it not
to use the release number as part of the SONAME.  Any suggestions for
the name of the flag?

It doesn't seem to be too tricky to implement.  It would amount to
setting release to an empty string before evaluating soname_spec or
the first name in library_names_spec when computing soname, right
after the comment:

	# Get the real and link names of the library.

We should probably have both forms of names (i.e., with and without
release) in library_names and link_names, though.

Any takers?

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