Hash synchronization patch, version 2

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Thu Feb 22 16:32:00 GMT 2001

It turns out that I already managed to expose another bug or two with some
more thorough multiprocessor testing.  I think they have very low occurrence
probability on a uniprocessor, but you might want to wait for version 3 ...


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> Subject: Hash synchronization patch, version 2
> Here's a new version of the hash synchronization patch.  It 
> should fix a
> problem that Jeff ended up tracking down (incorrect thread identifiers
> resulting in illegal monitor state exceptions), another one that he
> mentioned (finalization cycles), as well as one other one 
> that I ended up
> running into when I finally managed to reproduce the first 
> problem (lack of
> locking in a finalizer needed to deallocate heavyweight locks).
> I attached libjava/gcj/hash_sync.h separately, since I still 
> haven't found
> the cvs diff option to include it.
> If this works for some other people, I would like to see it 
> checked into the
> development tree (not the 3.0 branch), but not yet enabled by 
> default (even
> on x86 linux, which is currently the only tested platform).  
> I doubt these
> were the last bugs in the patch, but there's only one way to 
> find the rest
> ...
> Hans

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