Fwd: Status of gcj/java on PPC Linux?

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks@ivey.uwo.ca
Fri Feb 9 10:35:00 GMT 2001


I used gdb to track back the cause of gij not being able to find the class.

The problem seems to come in gcc/libjava/java/net/URLClassLoader.java in line 

The file was found correctly, the io stream was opened and read but just but 
just as we are about to return an object:

Line 250       return defineClass (name, data, 0, len);

The code goes to create and object and then to the dl-linker and seems to die 
out there someplace.

Anyway, I can't continue to debug the closure interface without being able to 
at least load a class.

Any help you might have here would be greatly appreciated.



// and finally, we can implement our class loader functionality.
  protected Class findClass (String name)
    throws ClassNotFoundException
    if (name == null)
      throw new ClassNotFoundException ("null");

        URL u = getResource (name.replace ('.', '/') + ".class");

        if (u == null)
          throw new ClassNotFoundException (name);

        URLConnection connection = u.openConnection ();
        InputStream is = connection.getInputStream ();

        int len = connection.getContentLength ();
        byte[] data = new byte[len];

        int left = len;
        int off  = 0;
        while (left > 0)
            int c = is.read (data, off, len-off);
            if (c == -1 || c == 0)
              throw new InternalError ("premature end of file");
            left -= c;
            off += c;

        return defineClass (name, data, 0, len);

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