Compiling .class files & stabs

Alexandre Petit-Bianco
Thu Feb 8 16:16:00 GMT 2001

Paul Flinders writes:

> However although give_name_to_locals is being called it never does
> any work - it always exits becasue the value of
> DECL_LOCALVARIABLES_OFFSET (current_function_decl) is zero.  As a
> result the method arguments don't get named.
> When should DECL_LOCALVARIABLES_OFFSET (current_function_decl) be
> non-zero when give_names_to_locals is called - it was never != 0 for
> any class in the jdmk, is this plausable?

Per and Handrew, you know this code better than I do. What do you
think?  It looks safe to me.

Paul, do you have a copyright assignment in place with the FSF? I
spotted a change of yours in libiberty.


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