Jeff Sturm
Thu Feb 8 12:25:00 GMT 2001 wrote:
> I'm looking for information how to install GNU Java on a PC under
> DJGPP. I have looked at the DJGPP sites, the GNU Java site, I
> have searched to mailing lists, but I could not find information on
> this.

To my knowledge it hasn't been done before.  I have no idea how difficult it
would be to port.  If DJGPP has no support for multithreaded programs, you would
either have to build libgcj without thread support at all (meaning most Java
programs would not work), or find a suitable thread library and port it.

What APIs does DJGPP have for I/O?  Networking?  Is it even a self-hosted
environment?  I honestly don't know.

> If either someone could point me to a web page that describes
> what files I need, where to find them and how to install this in
> DJGPP or if someone could actually take the time and send me a
> description, I would be very grateful.

See the "Porting the GCJ runtime" section in . 
Some of these docs were written quite a while ago, and some things may have
changed, but you will get an idea what is involved.

Jeff Sturm

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