[patch] java run-time stack trace

Bryce McKinlay bryce@albatross.co.nz
Thu Feb 8 00:20:00 GMT 2001

Per Bothner wrote:

> it gets a little tricky with CNI native methods: They should be written
> in Java
> style, but then how do we distinguish Java and C++ methods - we cannot
> look at the file extension.

Actually, I'd like to have CNI functions mangled in C++ style. This is
how they are written in the source code (think copy/search/paste), and it
can help to make it very obvious when the stack trace goes through native
code. Also, this is consistent with GDB.

> > - drop the PC address display,
> I have mixed feeling about this.  The pc is useful when we don't have
> line numbers available, and using gdb isn't always an option,
> at least not online.

How about we display the pc in the case where line numbers arn't
available? This should be easy to determine if we use libbfd.so directly,
with the existing addr2line code as a fallback if bfd isn't available.
Hmm... hopefully bfd is threadsafe?


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