Status of gcj/java on PPC Linux?

Tom Tromey
Tue Feb 6 09:51:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin B Hendricks <> writes:

Kevin> I was wondering about the status of gcj/java on PPC Linux?

In the past I've built gcj on PPC Linux.  I'm running PPC Linux 2000
on a box here.

I haven't built it recently since I don't have the disk space on that
box, and it isn't high enough priority for me to bother configuring

Kevin> Is it working and if so does it require gcc-2.95.3 or gcc-3.0?

I doubt it works with gcc 2.95.  I always either use an internal
branch or the current cvs gcc (someday to be 3.0).

Kevin> If more work or testing needs to be done for PPC Linux, I would
Kevin> love to help out.

If you know PPC assembly, you could finish the "raw api" part of
libffi for PPC.  That would let the interpreter work on PPC.  As far
as I know that is the one thing that doesn't currently work.


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