Possible bug with java.lang.String?

Idan Sofer i_sofer@yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 09:21:00 GMT 2001

I'm not sure if it's a known bug(or a feature), or perhaps i'm just doing
something wrong here. In anycase I couldn't find  anything about it in the

I'm writing a cache application that does in-memory compression for large

I've used Deflater/Inflater from java.util.zip package to compress data
from the string, and push it back to the string.

When decompression is needed, the compressed data is extracted from the
String, uncompressed, and moved back.

In J2SE 1.3 it worked just fine, however with gcj-3.0 exception was
thrown, regarding corrupted header.

I have built a test class(attached), and it seems that:
A) compression/decompression without conversion to String work great with
B) When the compressed byte array is converted to String, some of the
information get currupted, so it cannot be used for the decompression.

Another option is that I'm a stupid troll and I did something silly in my


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