CNI question

BRANDS, Holger
Tue Aug 21 03:08:00 GMT 2001


Today I read about the CNI (Cygnus Native Interface).
If I want to use it to access Java objects from C++ code,
what are the environment requirements for this to work ?

Do I have to use the gcj java runtime environment or can
I use another JRE, for example from SUN ?

Do I have to use the g++ - compiler (which version ?) or are
other compilers supported as well ?

Sorry if these questions sound silly to you,
but I am a newbie to CNI ;-)


Holger Brands
Student (computer science)
Uni Koblenz-Landau, Germany

SER Technology Deutschland GmbH
Innovationspark Rahms
D-53577 Neustadt/Wied

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