mingw32 gcj (not yet)

Tony Kimball alk@pobox.com
Mon Aug 13 17:27:00 GMT 2001

Since I haven't been in close touch with others working on mingw, I
thought I should broadcast my status to the list.  I spent a few days
on it last week, incorporated Julian Hill's cygwin adaptation of
irix thread support for boehm-gc into a July 17 snap of the 3.0
branch, and used the win32-pthread package to get a mingw32-target,
linux-host gcc suite including gcj.  I know of only two specific
gaps in the runtime support, and one current bug, although it is,
shall we say, *lightly* tested so far:

- I stubbed out the ConcreteProcess support (used the ECos stub one).

- I just copped out and used winsock select for Jv_select, which will break
  java.io.FileDescriptor.available for non-sockets, of course.

- I've got some dumb hard to diagnose heisenbug that makes it
  puke in System.out.println.

But on the up side, I can do all manner of computations and even see
the results with gdb or via System.exit(result) (ha!)

If anyone else has working code for Win32 processes, or a neat little
creative solution for the select() problem under mingw32 (i.e. not
the cygwin spaghetti-select), or has been-there-done-that with this
heisenbug, I'd surely love to hear about it.  Probably off the list.

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