libjava test suite keeps getting stuck

Jeff Sturm
Fri Apr 20 18:03:00 GMT 2001

On 20 Apr 2001, Tom Tromey wrote:
> ideally we wouldn't need std::terminate.  We don't use it anyway --
> all our exceptions, including those from destructors in these classes,
> should be Java exceptions, handled via the normal Java methods.  So
> instead it would be nice to somehow tell this to g++ so that this call
> is never generated.

Yeah.  Having thought about it though, this is really a special case.
Cleanups don't throw or catch exceptions, so they are agnostic to the
exception type.  Also cleanups aren't used by gcj anywhere other from
synchronization.  The c++ frontend doesn't distinguish JvSynchronize
from other c++ classes because it's not a java class.  So it applies the
usual cleanup rules.

As strange as it would be to see the std namespace creeping into libjava,
it hardly seems worthwhile to change anything else.  Though I didn't see
std::terminate mentioned in Zack's message, so I ought to consider what's
different in the new EH.


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