libtool, java woes

Mark Mitchell
Tue Apr 10 16:23:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:

    Jeff> But we're talking about java, not c++.  Because the two

That really makes no difference.  libsupc++ wouldn't even exist as a
separate library -- except for the fact that GCC supports embedded
systems, and so we build the library everywhere just to make the
Makefiles simpler.

    Jeff> utilize each other's ABI, isn't it helpful to share some
    Jeff> implementation details?


What is the harm in linking in libstdc++?  On most workstation-class
systems, this is probably a shared object, so the cost is relatively
minimal.  On an embedded system, it doesn't exist so there is no cost.

The only other good way to solve this problem (that I know of) is to
increase complexity by making libsupc++ a separate shared library on
all systems, and then making libstdc++ depend upon it.  That penalizes
all C++ programs slightly, but it might be an acceptable solution.

    Jeff> In any case, the use of libsupc++ is very much an internal
    Jeff> build issue.  I don't remember anyone suggesting it be
    Jeff> installed.

Good.  But that's part of why it shouldn't be used independently,
either.  As it stands now, it's an internal part of the C++ run-time
library.  In my opinion, you're breaking through an abstraction
barrier if you're trying to use it by itself.

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