dynamic library cost (was RE: libtool, java woes)

Boehm, Hans hans_boehm@hp.com
Tue Apr 10 16:23:00 GMT 2001

Isn't PIC code in the library only part of the story?  Even if you
unconditionally compile the library as PIC, there's still the issue of
whether the client can directly branch it, or branch to an indirect branch
to the routine (X86) or branch to a more complicated trampoline (IA64).  On
IA64, much of the time seems to go into the trampoline code, though there
seems to be potential for optimization there.  The code is essentially
position independent in all cases.

I'm not sure how well typical X86 hardware handles the
branch-to-indirect-branch sequence.


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> On Apr 10, 2001, "Boehm, Hans" <hans_boehm@hp.com> wrote:
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> >> We either need libsupc++ to be a shared library, that both 
> libstdc++
> >> and libgcj depend on, or have libgcj depend on libstdc++.
> > I'm seeing significant overheads as a result of dynamic library
> > calls.
> In this particular case, it would make no difference at all: libsupc++
> is already compiled as PIC, even though it's a static library.
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