GCJ as a general backend for the GCC ?

Stefan Behnel stefan.behnel@web.de
Fri Apr 6 08:05:00 GMT 2001

I'm just curious:
GCJ compiles Java->bytecode, bytecode->native, Java->native

Whould it be possible to use GCJ in order to compile any of the other languages supported by the GCC to JVM-bytecode? At least, if they don't depend on external libraries or special IO support?

I didn't find any hints to that on the GCJ page.

That way you could write your programs in basically any language and compile them for the JVM. You could even mix different languages which would allow for example the generation of interfaces by a Java-GUI builder and writing the rest of the JVM-application in C, FORTRAN or whatever (I love gcc...)

Stefan :-?

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