java library installation issues

Seth Arnold
Thu Apr 5 00:25:00 GMT 2001

* Egon Willighagen <> [010405 00:14]:
> This would certainly be a good option... If we good get it as flexible
> as the proposed Perl launcher....

I've got to throw in my two cents: I too hate the idea of using any sort
of script to start execution of 'native-looking' Java programs. (e.g.,
if someone implements 'ls' in Java the last thing I want is for 'ls' to
be a perl script to muck around with environment variables or other
nonsense before running either a compiled and executable 'ls' executable
or the java interpreter with arguments to run 'ls.class'.)

However, if you are suggesting that we should supply a script to handle
'java' and choose among various .jar files or other nonsense, sure. This
makes more sense -- similar to the navigator script.

I don't think any launcher system should be all that flexible -- it
should accomodate the most common cases easily (though in my Java
development time, I've never needed more than just calling the java
executable directly with no mucking with anything :) -- but there is no
need to make it very complex since people with specialized needs will
probably find it much easier to just write their own launcher with the
proper arguments.


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