Tom Tromey
Wed Apr 4 18:19:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:

Jeff> Having just updated my tree, I'm finding that libtool is
Jeff> miscompiling gij by linking -lc before -lpthread.  Removing -lc
Jeff> from dependency_libs in fixes it so the testsuite runs
Jeff> once again.

I've found similar problems.  I looked at the test suite logs and got
the libtool command that linked a program which crashed.

Then I tried compiling it by hand and gradually removed options until
I found what caused the problem.  It isn't -lpthread for me though.

If I link with `-lgcc_s -lc', then it works.  If I link with just
`-lc' (and the implicit -lgcc_s later on) then it fails.

This explains why I see the failure with exception handling.  In the
failing case we're picking up the wrong exception handling routines.

I think this is going to be confusing to anybody who links with `-lc'
on Linux.  I know that isn't common practice, but some people do it.

I'm not yet sure what the fix is for Java.  I haven't yet looked for
where the `-lc' in the link is coming from.


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