java library installation issues

Tom Tromey
Wed Apr 4 16:44:00 GMT 2001

>> The `' in this case should probably follow the naming scheme we
>> adopted for the `.so' files that Class.forName will automatically try
>> to load.  That will make it so that the linker and Class.forName will
>> agree -- it won't matter to the end program whether a class is loaded
>> at runtime or at link time.

Per> Do you have a write-up of this?

Nothing formal :-(.

Here is the comment in

      // Turn `gnu.pkg.quux' into `gnu-pkg-quux'.  Then search for a
      // module named (eg, on Linux) `', followed by
      // `' and `'.  If loading one of these causes
      // the class to appear in the cache, then use it.


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