recent java segvs, in exception code

Alexandre Petit-Bianco
Tue Apr 3 23:56:00 GMT 2001

Tom Tromey writes:

> Today I updated the gcc 3.0 branch and did a complete rebuild from
> scratch.  I'm using x86 Red Hat Linux 6.2.
> Certain programs crash like this:

I'm not seing this. I updated and rebuilt the 3.0 branch. If I run
`make check' from <build>/<arch>libjava/testsuite, I endup with:

                === libjava Summary ===

  # of expected passes            1648
  # of unexpected successes       32
  # of expected failures          16
  # of untested testcases         20

If I run `make check-target-libjava' from the base of my builddir, I
see the same thing.  I found out that I had a few patch in that source
tree: 1315, 2412, and your <clinit> and weirddecl patches.


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