Query about Help Needed

David Brownell david-b@pacbell.net
Tue Apr 3 16:16:00 GMT 2001

> >I have a high quality GPL'd XML package (DOM2 + 
> >SAX2, validation) which has run with GCJ for about 
> >18 months now ... 
> Wow! I'd be really interested in seeing this! I could use it for
> GNU-Paperclips web support!

I was hoping that the GNU Java/XML community would
eventually find it helpful!  :)

> >the OJE stuff isn't GPL'd, it just repackages some of 
> >the non-GPL'd packages. 
> The OJE stuff *is* LGPLed.

That is, its JAXP bits ... but GPL != LGPL :)

And the parsers it bundles aren't Free software,
which can matter.

> I'm happy to do the work to make your parser fit into JAXP (by using
> OJE's JAXP lib).

Sounds like its' a "just go do it!" then!

- Dave

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