Ricardo Costa
Tue Sep 26 06:22:00 GMT 2000

For those who don't know what is the problem I ask to don't make me lose my 
time with stupid ideas.

That the file is not found everybody can see that, but it's working with 
gcc, why not with gcj?

E vai pra aquele lugar se vc se acha melhor soh pq nasceu naquela mer** de 
Pais. Eu jah fui para os Estados Unidos diversas vezes e cada vez que vou 
pra lah me orgulho cada vez mais de ter nascido no Brasil.

Vcs sao o tipo de pessoas que soh conhecem a propria cultura, chamados de 
'ignorantes' e acham que podem ainda julgar os outros.

>From: Alexandre Oliva <>
>To: "Ricardo Costa" <>
>Subject: Re: Compile...
>Date: 25 Sep 2000 17:24:42 -0300
>On Sep 25, 2000, "Ricardo Costa" <> wrote:
> > $ gcj
> > ld: cannot open crtbegin.o: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado
>For those that are not ``lucky'' enough to have been born in a country
>whose native language is Portuguese, the error above stands for `File
>or directory not found'.
>Basically, the problem is caused when you have a broken installation
>of GCC, since this file is part of GCC.
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