Very slow compiler?

Alexandre Petit-Bianco
Mon Sep 25 06:57:00 GMT 2000

Bryce McKinlay writes:

> My libgcj build has suddenly become extremely slow. Each class file
> is currently taking around 5-10 seconds to compile on my 450mhz
> machine, far longer than it should.

We saw that too.

> Further investigation running jc1 without "-quiet" shows that it is
> looking at hundreds of class files that it shouldn't:
> ...
> When run in a different directory, it doesn't have this
> problem. Only the correct list of dependencies are loaded.

We saw the number of dependencies rising up, but I thought that was a
side effect of bringing libgcj to completion, tightening the
dependencies in between classes -- I'm not a library hacker. Our
original suspect was Tom's iconv patch, as it seems that undefining
HAVE_ICONV would dramatically speed things up.

Your hint is precious. I've been sporadically chasing this problem for
a few days now, and I noticed that it was sometimes hard to reproduce
the slowdown accurately. I'm going to look into the issue with the
results of your observations in mind.



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