Seg fault

mark kimsal
Tue Sep 12 13:09:00 GMT 2000

Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "mark" == mark kimsal <> writes:
> mark> Is there anyway to get more information about the seg fault?
> Yes, use the debugger.
>     gdb <your-app>
>     run
>     ... seg fault
>     bt

hmm... gdb eh?  I'll try it

> This will give you a stack trace.  That might help.  You can also poke
> around and find out why the crash occurred by printing local
> variables, looking at the source, etc.

Oh yeah, printing vars.  This c/c++ deal is all new to me so my brain
hides when i work with it.

> mark>     compiled the java
> mark>     compiled the .class output
> mark>     made a .h of the java
> You should probably compile from .java directly to .o (as well as to
> .class since you need the .class file to make the .h file).  The
> compiler can do a bit better when compiling from .java as compared to
> compiling from .class.

The FAQ said something like run your code through javac because it's
bytecode output is very .... 'neat' or something.  And that it can handle
things that the comiler can't.  But I will also try GCJing the .java
directly to a .o and let everyone know if i succeed.

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