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Warren Levy warrenl@cygnus.com
Fri Sep 8 10:36:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Jeremy Greiner wrote:

> I get the error gcj: libgcj.spec: No such file or directory.
> I read the FAQ wich was very informative but on this particular error it said:
> "Make sure you configure both libgcj and gcj with the same "--prefix" directory"
> this information would be great and useful if I knew what it was talking about ... 
> can anyone help me out I would appreciate it ..

Ok, at the present time there are two bundles that need to be built for
java, the compiler (gcj) and the runtime (libgcj).  These are configured
and built separately (i.e. running 'configure' and 'make' on each).

The --prefix directive is used with the 'configure' utility to specify
what directory the install pieces will go in when you later run 'make
install'.  This needs to be the same directory for both the compiler and
the runtime.  If you used the same --prefix with both the configure of the
compiler and the runtime, then make sure you've run 'make install' on
both (given the error, either you hadn't run 'make install' on the runtime
(libgcj) or had specified a different --prefix from the configure of the
compiler).  Be sure to configure/build/install the runtime and then try
the java test program compile again.

Both the compiler and runtime bundles are available from the Download link

Hope this helps!

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