new RPMs ?!

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Sep 6 15:41:00 GMT 2000

Norman Hendrich wrote:

> Unfortunately, I still cannot compile many of the classes I'm really
> interested in, because most of the AWT classes and class stubs are
> missing from ag-tools 1.5. While my program does not use the AWT classes
> at runtime (in command-line mode), I still need them for compiling...
> (removing all AWT references from my code is not an option. Compiling
> with gcj against the AWT from the JDK doesn't work either.)
> Do you have plans to release new RPMs, including the latest libgcj
> patches and  AWT class stubs?

Redhat 7.0 comes with gcc and libgcj RPMs which are based on fairly recent cvs
snapshots. These ones are nice because they are split into compiler (gcc-java),
libgcj, and libgcj-devel RPMs. Maybe they are even relocatable too.

Unfortunately they don't work on earlier distributions because of changes in the
RPM format, however it shouldn't be too hard to grab their spec files and roll our
set that works on 6.2, based on a recent known-to-work cvs snapshot. If there is
enough interest, and sourceware wants to host them, I might give this a go


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