Array bounds checks

Tom Tromey
Thu Oct 26 12:13:00 GMT 2000

Hans> In particular multianewarray should potentially be able to tag
Hans> the arrays it allocates as rectangular and contiguously
Hans> allocated, and you should be able to check for that case here,
Hans> thus reducing multidimensional array access back to the Fortran
Hans> case (at the risk of retaining more memory than needed).  I have
Hans> no idea whether anyone has ever done this, or whether it's
Hans> really feasible/worthwhile.

I've read about someone doing it for Java, but I don't recall where.
I might be able to dig up a reference if pressed.

Currently we can't implement that because our array header is attached
directly to the data.  We'd have to add an indirection to make
contiguous multidimensional arrays work.


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