Marmot papers

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Oct 26 02:32:00 GMT 2000

I came across some interesting papers at Microsoft research where they
discuss the implementation of "Marmot", their ahead-of-time Java
compiler, which I have not seen mentioned here before. Many of the
optimizations they discuss are in the context of whole-program and
inter-procedural analysis (which are not currently likely in gcc), but
they do conclude that good optimizing static Java compiler can be
competitive with the performance C++.  It is also interesting that they
were able to reduce the cost of safety checks (type checking, array
bounds) to an average of around 4% of execution time - checks that are
currently a major performance drain on gcj. Also, despite a very
efficient lock implementation, they found that synchronization
elimination optimizations in the compiler could improve execution time
by as much as 30%.

Worth a read anyway:


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