libgcj port status (was: Re: internal error - SP mismatch)

Jeff Sturm
Fri Mar 24 12:10:00 GMT 2000

Matt Welsh wrote:
> Absolutely. I'll write a "Status" page and get it added to the website.
> If people have reports on what versions of gcj/libgcj they are using
> successfully on different platforms, I will add them to that page...

That's a great idea... it'd be nice to have a summary not just of what
ports are working, but what features work (or don't work) and what ports
are in progress, and who's working on them.

Personally I've been testing with Linux/Alpha, Linux/x86 and Win32. 
Status is roughly:

Platform    Version  Status       GC      threads       interpreter
Linux/x86   2.95.1   working      boehm   posix         no
Linux/x86   snapshot builds       boehm   posix         yes
Linux/Alpha 2.95.1   working      boehm   posix         no
Win32       snapshot builds       no[1]   win32         maybe[2]

[1] - Boehm is ported to Win32, I have successfully built it for libgcj
but gctest does not yet succeed

[2] - I have partial support for Win32 in libffi but have not yet tested
the interpreter

What do you think of this format?

Jeff Sturm

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