internal error - SP mismatch

James CE Johnson
Fri Mar 24 09:59:00 GMT 2000

(Sorry for the dual-copies Jeff.  I forgot to reply to the list instead of direct.)

  Jeff Sturm wrote:

  > James CE Johnson wrote:
  > >
  > > I guess I'm just one of those trouble-maker newbies...
  > >
  > > Flushed with success from last night's testing (thanks Bryce & Tom), I decided

  > > to try mixing some exising .class files with my simple testcase.  Well,
  > > libgcj-2.95.1 doesn't include gij so I tried to build the latest snapshot &
  > > the error above.
  > >
  > > My gcc is a recently built 2.95.2.
  > [...]
  > I don't think you can build libgcj snapshots with gcc-2.95.2 any
  > longer.  The only options are:
  > - stick with libgcj 2.95.1

  <whine>But it doesn't include gij</whine>
  What are the odds me of dropping the snapshot into 2.95.1 & succeeding?

  > - get a gcc snapshot (and cross your fingers... recent snapshots
  >   are notoriously unstable)

  Can't do that.  The other developers would thwap me soundly!

  > - wait for next release (no timetable yet, but a release coordinator has
  >   been assigned for gcc 3.0, a good start at least)

  That sounds like the best plan.

  I grossed-up & got it to compile but there are a *lot* of things
  complaining about java-array.h missing.

  Ah well...  I'll drop into a holding pattern for a while & check back for 3.0.

  Just got Tom's note.  Waiting for stability is sounding better & better...

  Thanks ya'll,

  > --
  > Jeff Sturm

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