internal error - SP mismatch

Matt Welsh
Fri Mar 24 09:58:00 GMT 2000

Tom Tromey <> writes:
> Jeff> - get a gcc snapshot (and cross your fingers... recent snapshots
> Jeff>   are notoriously unstable)
> Before you try this, note that gcc hasn't been able to build libgcj
> for about 2 weeks.  Right now the development gcc can't even bootstrap
> on x86.  So don't waste any time downloading gcc -- you'll just be
> frustrated (like me :-).  If you can find a slightly older snapshot,
> that might work.  Of course, then you'll be missing some of Alex's
> improvements to the Java front end.  Sigh.

Or, you can try using gcc-2.95.2 with the latest libgcj *and* the patches
from Bryce at:

This is what I'm experimenting with at the moment but I am running into some
bugs which appear to be race conditions in the threads implementation (although
it might be my application code, I'm not sure yet).

Now, does anyone else think that we should do something about making these
things more explicit on the web page? This is *extremely* frustrating.


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