Interrupted IO and AWT

Paul Fisher
Tue Mar 21 14:21:00 GMT 2000

Per Bothner <> writes:

> One of the fundamental ideas of Swing is the separation of "model"
> and "view+controller".  For example two JTextPanes can both be using
> the same Document.  How suitable are gtk widgets for doing things
> like that?

It depends on the widget.  More of an issue, however, is Swing's
allowance of arbitrarily overriding of drawLine() and other
primitives, as was mentioned in a previous post.  With GTK+ 1.2, it's
impossible to do printing the way Java wants it done, because there's
no way to change the semantics of the primitive GDK drawing routines.
This issue is being resolved in GTK+ 1.4, so there might be a way
around the Swing issues such that Java methods can control the drawing
of GTK+ widgets.

All the issues involved will probably be quite complex, and I really
haven't had enough time to throughly think through them.  I'm more
focused on the libgcj/Classpath merger and finishing up the 1.1 AWT
before swamping myself in the problems of reimplementing Swing.

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