AWT is dead now

Denis Balazuc
Tue Mar 21 09:38:00 GMT 2000

> I'm quite sure that a lot of peoples (including me) would *love* to
> have a good Swing L&F that uses gtk themes, especially if it
> can be plugged in other VM implementations...
> I agree that the implementation of  L&F other than Metal has been
> so far a very week part of Sun's implementation. But I don't see
> any reasons for that except (wrong?) priorities at Sun.
> I understand that Sun wanted to keep Swing in pure java up to
> version 1.1, but now that it's integrated in the core, I don't see any
> reasons why it cannot uses native method to query the platform's
> desktop settings for things like themes, widget size, ...

I thought that the idea behind Swing was to remove plateform-dependency and
heavy-weight components in the first place....
(and despite what was said, Windows's not the only plateform where you can
find many  AWT bugs...)
non 100% Pure Java Swing : is that really what one's want ?
Is there a plan from SUN to deviate from a 100% pure implementation ?

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