AWT is dead now

Cedric Berger
Tue Mar 21 09:00:00 GMT 2000

Jeff Sturm wrote:

> Cedric Berger wrote:
> > 1) implementing the basic (low level) AWT functionalities.
> > Basically Window/Frame/Component/Container/Canvas and
> > event handling.
> >
> > 2) implementing Java2D (it's probably more difficult than 1),
> > but it can be done later and its probably a lot of fun to do.
> Is Java2D required for Swing?

No, but Graphics2D (the Java2D engine) is a superset of the
old Graphics class needed by everyone who want to paint on
a window. So only Graphics is needed for most Swing apps.
but Graphics2D re-implement (not just augment) all Graphics
methods; so if plan to develop Graphics first and Graphics2D
later, I would assumes that most of the work doing Graphics
will be lost.
IMHO, it would be better to start implementing Java2D with
the latest specs (1.3), but starting with the pieces that are really
needed by Swing (bezier curves can be left for later...)

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