Interrupted IO and AWT

Per Bothner
Mon Mar 20 13:17:00 GMT 2000

Jeff Sturm <> writes:

> To my knowledge there exist no free or third-party implementations of
> Swing.  It could be extremely difficult to do.

I know.  My recommendation is to write a subset of Swing (and AWT), and
enhancing it as people feel motivated.

> I'd like to see real Java bindings in GTK and/or KDE so developers can
> write first class Java apps for those environments.  Then implement AWT
> and (possibly) Swing atop this native API to be compatibile with other
> Java applications.

I agree with one slight modification:  Rather than write a direct
Java wrapper for gtk, I'd like us to use the AWT or Swing class
and method names whenever they match.  The main thing is I want to
avoid excess helper objects:  We would have a Window, which may
points to a WindowPeer, which may contain a RawData that points
to a gtk handle.  What I want to avoid when possible is an additional
Gtk Java wrapper; whatever class we use to wrap a gtk window
should implement the WindowPeer interface, without requiring yet
another class to do so.
	--Per Bothner

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