Interrupted IO and AWT

Tom Tromey
Mon Mar 20 08:22:00 GMT 2000

Jon> Secondly, I'm quite interested in doing some work on implementing
Jon> AWT (I'm more intrested in Client stuff myself). I was wondering
Jon> if someone could clear up the position of this, esp. regarding
Jon> the Classpath merger. I seem to recall that everything from
Jon> Classpath is available except the AWT code.  Now is this all AWT
Jon> code or just the native implementation? IF I do use it what is
Jon> the final result? That the executable is cover by the GPL? I can
Jon> live with that for now...

All the AWT code in Classpath is under the GPL.  We aren't going to
merge it into libgcj.  It might be possible to get it to work with
libgcj; if you do so your resulting application will be GPL -- at
least, as I understand it.


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