Interrupted IO and AWT

Jon Beniston
Mon Mar 20 06:19:00 GMT 2000


I seem to recall reading somewhere on Sun's Bug list that the interrupting
of IO has in some form been deprecated. Does any one know whether this is
the case? I ask, because I'm wondering whether I should implement this in
the Win32 port. It seems as if there may be some overhead. Would this be
worth it it the general case? Personally, I've never made use of it.

Secondly, I'm quite interested in doing some work on implementing AWT (I'm
more intrested in Client stuff myself). I was wondering if someone could
clear up the position of this, esp. regarding the Classpath merger. I seem
to recall that everything from Classpath is available except the AWT code.
Now is this all AWT code or just the native implementation? IF I do use it
what is the final result? That the executable is cover by the GPL? I can
live with that for now...

Jon Beniston.

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