patch tracking

Tom Tromey
Sat Jun 24 11:08:00 GMT 2000

I just found out that some of my email was silently dropped by
sourceware.  This is a resend.

There are a number of patches out there in an indeterminate state.
For instance, I know Bryce has a partial patch to make libgcj use the
bitmap marking of the Boehm GC.  And, I know Alex has a partial
alignment patch for PR 160.  I'm sure there are more like this -- in
fact, I have one of my own, the iconv() patch for gcj.

I'm wondering if we should set up some way for us to track and archive
these patches, so that we can more easily transfer them from person to
person as need be.  I'm thinking of something very simple, like
checking them in (eg in the htdocs module, with a a web page
describing their status).  Or, we could do something complicated and
set up a new patch-only Gnats database.



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