gcj/253: problems with instanceof when compilation from .classfiles

Gregory R. Warnes warnes@biostat.washington.edu
Wed Jun 7 06:12:00 GMT 2000

One more set of timings, this time with optimization enabled:

  GRW>> FYI, my code is a simulation based tool, and compiling with gcj gives a
  GRW>> significant speedup over using a jit:
  GRW>>                                   10,000 iterations   100,000 iterations
  GRW>>                                   -----------------   ------------------
  GRW>> Blackdown java 1.2.2 RC3 (w jit): 15 Seconds          143 Seconds
  GRW>> gcj:                               9 Seconds          90 Seconds 
        gcj -02:                           7 Seconds          73 Seconds

(-02 results agree with plain gcj and java results to 14 decimal places)

Using gcj with -02 cuts execution time in half.  This will help a lot
because I have a set of simulations to run that would have taken about
week even using my 24 node beowulf cluster.  This cuts it down to about 3

Thanks guys!!!

Greg Warnes

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