Playing with latest [lib]gcj

Mark Wielaard
Sat Jun 3 14:07:00 GMT 2000


On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 01:36:01PM -0700, Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:
> Mark Wielaard writes:
> > But all of the doubles in those tests seem to come out as either
> > zero or 2147483647. Has anybody tried to compile and run those
> > benchmarks with gcj?
> I haven't -- but I'm interested in understand why it doesn't work. Is
> the benchmark available as source code or classfiles? If it comes as
> source code, one thing to try is to compile to classfiles and then
> compile the classfiles natively.

The java (and c) source files of the benchmarks are available at
< >
I tried first compiling the java files to class files with jikes
and then compiling the class file with gcj and that seems to give
much more reasonable results.



P.S. For my other problem I got a tip from Fred Gray who guessed correctly
that I was using Debian potato which seems to have a bin-utils wich has
broken support for the ".hidden" assembler directive.
So I am now trying to recompile gcc with "#undef HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN" added to
gcc/crtstuff.c after the block of #include directives.

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