more build problems, sun sparc solaris 2.7

Gabriel Dos Reis
Wed Dec 13 20:50:00 GMT 2000

Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis writes:
| > I'm having trouble to build the tree on a solarias-2.7 and
| > i686-pc-gnu-linux and those the only machines I have access to.
| Solaris is known not to build and was advertised as such. x86/linux
| should build. What are you seeing?

Well, I was not trying to build Java on Solaris: I was trying to build
*only C++* --- which was known to build these last days --- and I
couldn't because for an obscure reason, libjava got built, something I
didn't ask for in the first place.  Now that Alexandre Oliva's patch
is in effect, things are getting better.  

But I'm still wondering why fastjar and zlib are being built when I
ask for *only C++.

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC             

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