[ANNOUNCE] Libgcj in gcc tree availability.

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@redhat.com
Mon Dec 11 07:56:00 GMT 2000

On Dec 10, 2000, Robert Lipe <robertlipe@usa.net> wrote:

> Sure enough, the Makefile echos one thing and then runs another
> (GCC-specific) thing.  I suspe that somehow it needs to use the freshly
> built compiler and not the bootstrap compiler.

Hmm...  Houston, we have a problem.

It appears to me that we need fastjar to be compiled with
CC_FOR_BUILD, not with CC (for host) nor CC_FOR_TARGET, since we're
going to run it in the build machine to create libgcj.jar.

This seems to mean we'll need some new infrastructure in the top-level
directory, to configure fastjar with the host compiler, *and* we'll
need to either disable automake 1.4's dependency tracking (that
depends on GCC and GNU make) or use a newer snapshot of automake that
supports dependency tracking with other compilers and make programs.

Running `automake -i' in the fastjar tree will get us rid of the
dependency tracking code and, therefore, of the dependencies on GCC
and GNU make, but it won't fix the problem that we need fastjar for
the build machine.  Maybe we should just assume fastjar to be
pre-installed in case of a Canadian cross?

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