testing an integrated build

Alexandre Petit-Bianco apbianco@cygnus.com
Fri Dec 8 16:32:00 GMT 2000

Phil Edwards writes:

> Same thing happended to me.  I have my suspicions as to what's
> happening, but here's a simple fix:

I think Tom my be able to review that.

> Now it gets down through XTollkit.java and then
>     find java gnu -type d -o -type f -name '*.class' | \
>       sed -e '/\/\./d' -e '/\/xlib/d' | \
>       ../../zip/zip libgcj -@ -n .class
>     /bin/sh: ../../zip/zip: not found
>     gmake[1]: *** [libgcj.zip] Error 1

I guess you already applied this patch:


And installed this tarball at the top of your gcc tree:


But I noticed that somehow a hunk in Makefile.in is declared corrupt
by patch.  Make sure your Makefile.in has been re-generated or that
all the hunks are in place. You seem to be missing this one:

Index: Makefile.in
RCS file: /cvs/java/libgcj/libjava/Makefile.in,v
retrieving revision 1.124
diff -u -p -r1.124 Makefile.in
--- Makefile.in 2000/12/03 21:21:51     1.124
+++ Makefile.in 2000/12/07 00:30:02
@@ -2317,10 +2319,10 @@ libgcj.zip: $(java_source_files) $(x_jav
            || case "$$amf" in *=*) exit 1;; *k*) fail=yes ;; *) exit 1;; esac; \
        done; \
        test "$$fail" = no
-       -@rm -f tmp-list libgcj.zip
+       -@rm -f tmp-list libgcj.jar
        find java gnu -type d -o -type f -name '*.class' | \
          sed -e '/\/\./d' -e '/\/xlib/d' | \
-         $(ZIP) libgcj -@ -n .class
+         $(ZIP) cfM0E@ $@
        find . -name '*.class' -print | xargs rm -f

The rest of patching Makefile.in is replacing occurences of libgcj.zip
by libgcj.jar.


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