classpath project and gcj

Tom Tromey
Wed Dec 6 11:52:00 GMT 2000

>> Bryce, is anything else blocking adding these classes?  If not, and
>> you are busy on something else, tell me and I will go ahead and do
>> it.

Bryce> I still want to clean up and test these classes - hopefully
Bryce> I'll make some progress on this tonight. No reason why you
Bryce> can't go ahead and check them in as-is now, though, if you
Bryce> want.

It can wait.

How are you testing them?

I think we should start being more careful about doing testing.  For
instance as we merge with Classpath it would be good if we had Mauve
tests for classes we are merging.  I realize that doing thorough
testing is really hard.  However, even minimal tests of classes would
be better than what we do now.  Also, maybe this would encourage us to
write regression tests as we fix bugs -- another practice I'd like to
see us adopt.


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