Compile Error libgcj

Andrew Haley
Wed Dec 6 06:20:00 GMT 2000

Bryce McKinlay writes:
 > Tom Tromey wrote:
 > > Thanks.  This must be related to the recent mprec.h change.
 > Yeah. I'm going to check in Edgar's fix. I must have missed this because
 > my was already compiled and I havn't done a full rebuild
 > since.
 > > Maybe we should bite the bullet and rename the fdlibm functions we
 > > use.  Perhaps we could do this via a bunch of #defines in a new
 > > header, so that we only make minimal changes to the fdlibm files.

I propsed this when we first imported fdlibm, but it's a really bad
idea if you have an embedded system that uses C and Java, which is not
so unlikely.  You'll end up with duplicated math libraries.

We must be very careful to consider all applications before we make
such a change.


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