classpath project and gcj

Tom Tromey
Sun Dec 3 22:36:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Edgar" == Edgar Villanueva <> writes:

Edgar> What's the plan on getting all the classpath supported classes
Edgar> into libgcj?

We merge them as time permits

Edgar> Can I help in adding them?  If so how do I go about it.

You can help.  For pure Java classes you take the Classpath and libgcj
versions and merge them.  This is more difficult than it sounds,
because in some cases you have to do the merge on a method-by-method

Edgar> I am trying to use some classes from java.util specifically
Edgar> TreeMap.

You can try putting that into your libgcj tree and updating the
Makefile appropriately.  I had these working in my tree (TreeMap,
TreeSet, and HashSet), but lately they have stopped working again.
These classes expose gcj bugs :-(

Getting this code in particular to work is important to us, but
merging things in to gcc 3.0 is more important.  So it isn't clear
when the bugs will be fixed.


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