assemble_external on .class files

Per Bothner
Tue May 25 22:49:00 GMT 1999

Mark Klein <> writes:

> Could be, but then there's a problem with assemble_external vis the usage of
> DECL_EXTERNAL for the vtable. Recall my earlier example, from 
> java::lang::Object:

Ah - that was in a message that had expired.

My logic only applies to entries in the "method table".  It is
wrong for entries in the vtable.  It is also wrong for calls
to static methods in other classes.

METHOD_NATIVE does need to be split from DECL_EXTERNAL.
There doesn't seem to be any available DECL_LANG_FLAGs,
but there are some TREE_LANG_FLAGSs available (in FUNCTION_DECLs).

That means that we need to set DECL_EXTERNAL separately.
I think it should be true for any methods that has METHOD_NATIVE,
*or* if is_compiled_class (DECL_CONTEXT (method_decl)) < 2.

	--Per Bothner

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