assemble_external on .class files

Mark Klein
Tue May 25 22:19:00 GMT 1999

At 10:44 PM 5/25/99 -0600, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>Thanks.  Hmmm, this makes me think that we're find with having them overloaded
>on the same bit.  Mark, I think this is a red herring.

Could be, but then there's a problem with assemble_external vis the usage of
DECL_EXTERNAL for the vtable. Recall my earlier example, from 

Method name:"finalize" protected Signature: 4=()void
Method name:"hashCode" public native Signature: 11=()int

and the vtable:

        .word _CL_10HelloWorld
        .word 0
        .word P%finalize__Q34java4lang6Object
        .IMPORT hashCode__Q34java4lang6Object,CODE
        .word P%hashCode__Q34java4lang6Object
        .word P%equals__Q34java4lang6ObjectPQ34java4lang6Object
        .word P%toString__Q34java4lang6Object
        .IMPORT clone__Q34java4lang6Object,CODE
        .word P%clone__Q34java4lang6Object

Note that in order to use the plabels, the symbols must first be imported on
PA-RISC. In this case, we have finalize, and it isn't native. However, in
order for assemble_external to emit the .IMPORT, DECL_EXTERNAL (among others)
must be true. But, hashCode is native and is imported, hence the .IMPORT. 
Since this is in contradiction to usage in jc1 as explained by Per, I've 
got a problem....

Jeff (or any other PA-RISC user) ... has anyone tried gcj/libjava on a HP9000?
Or is this a problem only on the HP3000?

G'night, y'all.
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