Debugging on Linux

Anthony Green
Wed May 19 00:30:00 GMT 1999

Bryce wrote:
> Has anyone been able to successfully debug gcj stuff on a glibc linux
> system? gdb 4.18 is supposed to be able to debug java, but it does not
> support linuxthreads. Variants of gdb 4.17 are available that do support
> linux threads (like the one that comes with redhat), but these don't
> support java correctly - bit of a catch 22.

It's just a matter of time before LinuxThread support is merged into
gdb proper.  It's not a very straight forward merge as LinuxThreads
has been a moving target for some time now, there are dependencies on
the libc version, etc.

I know this is actively being worked on, but I don't know when it will
be ready.


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