Building libgcj.

Tom Tromey
Fri May 14 14:11:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Manosiz" == Manosiz Bhattacharyya <> writes:

Manosiz> I am trying to build libgcj on Solaris system. According to
Manosiz> the build instructions in the libgcj webpage, the required
Manosiz> thing to do was

Manosiz>       mkdir build
Manosiz>       cd build
Manosiz>       ../libgcj/configure
Manosiz>       make
Manosiz>       make install
Manosiz> There is no directory named libgcj in the entire source tree
Manosiz> for the libgcj directory.

The instructions were written assuming you did a cvs checkout.
In that case the top-level directory would be named `libgcj'.

That is, you are supposed to run the top-level configure script, not
one of the ones in a subdirectory.

Manosiz> There is a directory called libjava instead which I used.

This won't work.

Manosiz> It would be nice if any of you could explain what could be
Manosiz> done about this.

Offhand I don't know what could be causing the particular problem you
report.  It looks like gcj doesn't realize that
java/lang/ is a file argument.

Could you run this from your libjava build directory?

	gcj -v -C -g -classpath /projects/learning/usr/java/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-13/build:`cd ../libjava && /bin/pwd` -d /projects/learning/usr/java/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-13/build java/lang/

I'm hoping the `-v' will tell us something useful, though I doubt it

BTW, when pasting configure/make output into email, could you turn off
word wrap?  The wrapping makes it harder to read.


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