(fyi) SEGV in jc1 for java.util.Date (from jikes bytecode only)

Anthony Green green@cygnus.com
Sun May 9 08:18:00 GMT 1999

Sandro wrote:
> I'd send along the .class file in question, but I'm not sure what kind
> of clean-room proceedures you might be using.

You would be violating Sun's Binary Code License in doing so.  Even
so, debugging this...

> java/util/Date.java: In method `clone()':
> java/util/Date.java:281: warning: Some bytecode operations (starting at pc 34) can never be executed

...would require disassembling the class file, which is also in
violation of the Binary Code License.

It's likely that Jikes is doing something we do not expect.  A better
solution would be to try to reproduce this problem with Jikes and some
Free code.


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                                                       Sunnyvale, California

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