newbit problem??

Anthony Green
Thu May 6 16:10:00 GMT 1999

Phil wrote:
> The build of egcs is without incident.  The libcgj got all the way
> through until the ld of jv-convert and it could not find socket,
> listen, gethostbyname etc.  Using the force, I then added -lsnl
> -lsocket to the LIBS in makefiles until it linked up..
Yes - this is a known deficiency - and something we plan on addressing
soon.  Gcj has different linker flag requirements depending on the
target.  We will probably mess around with moving some of this info
into external spec files.

> So, one more try.  The program compiles but core dumps when run.  No
> CLASSPATH is defined.

And you didn't have CLASSPATH defined when you compiled, right?  Can
you provide a stack trace?

> What's the prognosis for AWT, inner classes, etc....

Inner classes will take some effort.  It's not yet clear when this
will be done.  Compiling AWT from source depends on inner class
support (although compiling from class files shouldn't be a problem).
Note, however, that an java/awt directory appeared in cvs some time
last night.  It's the start of an implementation - but again, it's not
clear when this work will be done.



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